Here at Mindful Chef we often recommend our customers use Coconut oil as a replacement for other more common cooking oils. Below we’ve listed it’s numerous benefits:

Promotes weight loss (increased metabolism & raised body temperature)
Kills bacteria and viruses
Preserves muscle mass
Improves/heals many skin diseases
Improve Type 2 and Type 1 Diabetes
Conditions and strengthens hair

While other cooking oils such as olive oil or sunflower oil can change their molecular structure when heated past a certain point, coconut oil does not. It’s structure stays the same. It is naturally saturated and free from trans fatty acids (found in foods like crisps, chips and chocolate).

The scientific part:

With regards to weight loss, coconut oil can promote thermogenesis. This increases the body’s metabolism, producing energy. Coconut oil is natures richest source of Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) which help to increase diet-induced thermogenesis. Other oils like olive oil are Long Chain Triglycerides which are typically stored in the body as fat, unlike MCTs which are used for energy.

In normal speak:

In short, it’s going to raise your metabolism levels and aid weight loss. I’m not claiming eating this is going to make you lose 2 stone instantly. But I do believe incorporating it into your diet will help control blood sugar levels and provide you with energy. 

Give it a try guys and make sure you buy the raw oil, you can find it in health shops and some supermarkets. Use it when cooking, in your porridge (amazing!) or just take a tbsp in the morning to get your body’s metabolism firing!